Mathematics Diagnostic Testing Project  
at CSU Fullerton

The Mathematics Diagnostic Testing Project (MDTP) is an intersegmental statewide project that develops, distributes, scores, and reports the results of tests that measure student readiness for mathematics courses ranging from Pre-Algebra to Beginning Calculus. Diagnosing a student's mathematical strengths and weaknesses can help that student focus on areas needing review to increase the chance of success in mathematics and keep open career paths. 

MDTP materials and services are used by secondary schools, colleges, and universities in California and other states.


Testing Updates

Remote Testing Support During Hybrid Learning - MDTP will support educators to administer its tests remotely on the MDTP Diagnostic (Readiness) testing platform. This platform includes the following assessments:
Visit the Remote Testing page for details on MDTP using assessments to support hybrid learning.
Continued Suspension of the MDTP 9th Grade Assessment Platform - The MDTP 9th Grade Assessment Platform has been suspended until further notice. More information.
Parallel Versions for the Algebra 1/Integrated 1 Readiness Test - MDTP is pleased to offer field-tests of parallel versions of the Algebra I/Integrated Math 1 Readiness Tests (AM45D21, AM45E21, AM45F21). We need help from our secondary math communities to administer these versions to students starting Algebra 1 or Integrated Math 1 in Fall 2021. See Test Descriptions for more information.
Pre-Calculus Readiness Field-Test - The Pre-Calculus Readiness Field-Test (PR45D21) provides information about students' readiness in foundational topics necessary for success in a Pre-Calculus course or other courses at that level after completing a California Common Core Integrated Math 3 or Algebra 2 course as defined in the Mathematics Framework for California Schools. Field-testing should occur in Pre-Calculus or Math Analysis courses. See Test Descriptions for more information.